The flagship of air catering in Djibouti

Evolving primarily in B2B, the company has over the years been able to adapt its offers to meet the increasingly growing demands of the airline sector in terms of catering.

With a diverse customer portfolio, the company is today one of the undisputed African leaders in airline catering. Indeed, Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss has bet on a food safety policy and the supply chain of avant-garde raw materials.

The key words of the company are food safety, expertise and quality, in fact since 2018 the company has complied with international food safety standards.

The company is:

  • HACCP certified in accordance with IFSA standards.
  • Has an efficient logistics organization.
  • Offers multicultural services to meet the requirements of all your passengers.
Delic Air
Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss

My vision for Délic Air

My desire, as founder, is to make this flagship of airline catering in Djibouti and Africa, a socially responsible company that respects customers and employees. Indeed, our strategic choices are above all motivated by a global vision, which includes justified and calculated decision-making, which promotes sustainable opportunities and long-term investments:

- We are committed to our customers to offer balanced, diverse and tasty meals while carefully respecting individual cultures and quality and hygiene standards.

- We advocate an irreproachable quality service offered to its customers, in fact we pay particular attention to people, whether they are employees, clients or partners.

- Aware of the importance of the planet, the company positions itself as a guarantor of respect for essential environmental values.

Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss

Food safety our leitmotif at Délic Air

Délic Air puts at your disposal a highly qualified staff as well as starred chefs to guarantee you an exceptional quality of the products used for the culinary preparation.

The company has also opted for a policy of international standardization of cooking processes, since the company has been HACCP certified since 2018.

Airline catering: My Successful bet

With Délic Air, you will only be served on board by internationally renowned starred chefs. The strictest health and safety measures after COVID-19 are implemented.

The company aims to be a benchmark in airline catering in Africa and around the world, therefore the operator has invested in two strategic areas: logistics and food safety, which has enabled it to have competitive advantages over an increasingly competitive market.

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