Education a weapon to initiate change in Djibouti

Djibouti Air College is a private aviation school based in Djibouti, which provides Africans with very high-level training programs, full-scale training aircraft and expert educational teams in the aviation sector.

The aim of the flight school is to make education accessible to all, the center is AACO and AFRAA approved and fully complies with international aviation standards. The school is the only Djiboutian training center accredited by ICAO.

Training courses are being studied and developed with international partners in order to meet all the demands of the aviation sector in Africa.

The private aviation school Djibouti Air College works closely with the government to meet the needs of the job market. The school aims to be a reference in pilot training in Djibouti and Africa.

  • Why choose Djibouti Air College?
  • Our aviation training
Djibouti Air collége
Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss

My vision for Djibouti Air college

At the era of the rise of new technologies, training the airline pilots of tomorrow has never been so complicated and technical, this is how we set ourselves the objective of giving the profession of airline pilot its letters back. nobility while remaining anchored in an innovative and constantly changing era.

Putting student pilots on the ground early in the course is Djibouti Air College's promise, since a good airline pilot is an equipped pilot.

At Djibouti Air College, we make every effort to ensure that you experience the airline pilot profession from the start of the training.

Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss

Why choose Djibouti Air College?

Djibouti Air College is distinguished by its positioning in Africa and Djibouti, it is one of the few private pilot training schools with specific programs adapted to the needs of the international aviation market, which makes it a boon to all young Africans who dream of becoming airline pilots.

Several reasons make this flight school a quality choice. Among these reasons, we can mention :

  • High level coaching and professionalism
  • High caliber teachers
  • A recognized certificate / diploma
  • The school works closely with the government to meet the needs of the African aviation job market.
  • No more spending a lot of money on an aviation school outside Africa.

Our aviation training

The training provided by the school is unique in its kind, in fact, Djibouti Air College will provide these students with latest generation technological equipment (full-size planes) teams of piloting experts and an environment conducive to flying. apprenticeship in order to offer training according to international standards:

  • Airline pilot
  • Business aviation pilot
  • Aviation instructor
  • Steward / Stewardess
  • Airport stopover agent
  • Airport runway officer
  • Air traffic controller
  • Aircraft maintenance mechanic

My business portfolio

Ivory Jet Services Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss

Ivory jet services

The first 100% Djiboutian private airline, specialized in air charter, private charter, or medical transport via ambulance plane.

Restauration Delic Air

Délic air

Pioneer company in the airline catering sector in Africa and Djibouti. Délic Air operates with globally recognized airlines.

Arta Solar 7 Djibouti

As Arta solar 7

A Djiboutian football club playing in the first division.The capital club has been sponsored by Solar 7 and has 4 Djibouti championships and 6 cups to its credit.

Solar 7

Solar 7

Energy company based in Djibouti specializing in solar energy, we manufacture and install photovoltaic panels and autonomous solar kits.

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