Solar 7: an adventure that gives meaning to entrepreneurship

Solar 7 is a company that aims to make Djibouti ecologically responsible through an intensive CSR policy, indeed the latter are taking a considerable lead in Africa in the field of sustainable development and renewable energies.

The only company specializing in public lighting in the country. It offers solar kits for domestic use for the production of solar energy into electric energy, the futuristic company works in close collaboration with the State to provide citizens with electricity coverage throughout the territory.

The company recently sponsored the capital's flagship football club in order to strengthen its sympathy capital and align with the club's sporting and footballing values.

A pioneer in the exploitation of renewable energies in Africa, thanks to the avant-garde vision of its founder Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss, the company is today considered as a reference in the use of rechargeable solar kits and the installation of panels. photovoltaic.

Thanks to a research and development center with unique know-how and cutting-edge technology in the solar energy sector, Solar 7 is on the way to becoming a benchmark in Africa.

  • Why solar energy at Djibouti?
  • Solar electricity, an inexhaustible source
Solar 7
Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss

My vision: electricity for all

As Arta Solar 7 is above all a state of mind and a union of the different stakeholders for a common goal

Our goal is to promote the practice of football among many young people, indeed the club management works every day to instill this state of mind and convey common sporting values.

For this, As Arta Solar 7 provides all its members with an environment and conditions so that they have a rewarding experience and reach their full potential

We are determined to establish ourselves as a benchmark nationally and regionally by ensuring optimal development for the team, executives and sports management, in the medium term the team intends to conquer African trophies

Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss

Why solar energy at Djibouti?

2018 is a pivotal year in the club's history, following its sponsorship by the patron and CEO of the Djiboutian solar power plant Solar 7: Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss.

Solar electricity, an inexhaustible source

It is possible to build photovoltaic installations anywhere in Africa. Solar panel installations provide free electricity for their entire lifetime.

Solar 7 is engaged in the production of solar electricity for the benefit of the African continent.

As a renewable energy company, Solar 7 opts for the development of solar energy in Africa in order to democratize sustainable development.

My business portfolio

Ivory Jet Services Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss

Ivory jet services

The first 100% Djiboutian private airline, specialized in air charter, private charter, or medical transport via ambulance plane.

Restauration Delic Air

Délic air

Pioneer company in the airline catering sector in Africa and Djibouti. Délic Air operates with globally recognized airlines.

Arta Solar 7 Djibouti

As Arta solar 7

A Djiboutian football club playing in the first division.The capital club has been sponsored by Solar 7 and has 4 Djibouti championships and 6 cups to its credit.

Djibouti Air collége formation

Djibouti air college

A very high level private aviation school based in Djibouti. Works closely with the state and to meet the needs of the African labor market.

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