Discover my entrepreneurial journey

Of Franco-Ivorian origin and settled in Djibouti over the last few years, I could be what we consider a serial-entrepreneur, thanks to a diversified and multicultural portfolio of companies, I am now present in several sectors such as ‘aviation, renewable energies, sport or telecommunications :

  • Private aviation via Ivory Jet Services
  • Airline catering via Délic Air
  • Education through Djibouti Air College
  • The environment via Solar 7
  • Sport via As Arta Solar 7
Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss

Milestones of my career

Ivory Jet Services

Creation of Ivory Jet Services : a private transport airline mainly dedicated to the needs of the African continent, the idea came naturally to me personally, I wanted on several occasions to go to different countries of the continent without being able to do so for lack of air interconnection between our capitals.

Délic Air

Délic Air was born : the first in-flight caterer of Djibouti and Africa specialized in high-end airline catering, the objective was to broaden the spectrum of activities in the airline sector. The bet was successful.

Solar 7

Solar 7 sponsors the football club of the Djiboutian capital ; As Arta Solar 7 in order to promote the values ​​common to both entities.

Djibouti Air College

The launch of the Djibouti Air College a flight school : This latest addition to the group completes the air service offer after the private airline, the catering, the consecration is the flight school.

Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss

My vision

My desire, as an entrepreneur, in creating these entities, was first and foremost to provide Djibouti with high-end services that fully meet the expectations of a demanding clientele.

Then, I wanted to extend this ambition to the African continent to allow everyone, with all the professionalism that this requires, to have a varied list of services up to international standards.

It is just the first step toward accomplishing my vision. I want to see it grow so that I can initiate change within my micro-environment with the hope that one day Africa will shine with its brilliant light.

My wish as an entrepreneur is to be among those who invest in this cause.

Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss

My business portfolio

Ivory Jet Services Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss

Ivory jet services

The first 100% Djiboutian private airline, specialized in air charter, private charter, or medical transport via ambulance plane.

Restauration Delic Air

Délic air

Pioneer company in the airline catering sector in Africa and Djibouti. Délic Air operates with globally recognized airlines.

Arta Solar 7 Djibouti

As Arta solar 7

A Djiboutian football club playing in the first division.The capital club has been sponsored by Solar 7 and has 4 Djibouti championships and 6 cups to its credit.

Solar 7

Solar 7

Energy company based in Djibouti specializing in solar energy, we manufacture and install photovoltaic panels and autonomous solar kits.

Djibouti Air collége formation

Djibouti air college

A very high level private aviation school based in Djibouti. Works closely with the state and to meet the needs of the African labor market.

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