A key player in air transport in Djibouti

Ivory Jet Services is a private airline specializing in aircraft charter, charter flights and medical evacuation. The company aims to be a key player in air and medical transport.

Based in Djibouti, Ivory Jet Services has a fleet at the cutting edge of technology, and serves the largest cities in the world in record time.

With the latest Falcon models and serving metropolises such as Paris, London, New York, Douala and Cairo, the company with the blue eagle aims to cover almost all global destinations.

With a range of high-end services, the company founded by Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss serves an increasingly demanding global clientele.

The development of the sector thanks to the health crisis, allows the Djiboutian flagship to position itself as a benchmark in medical evacuation services.

The company's air services cover a wide range of requests from the private air transport market such as:

  • Air medical evacuation.
  • Aircraft charter.
  • The private charter flight.
Ivory Jet Services Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss
Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss

My vision for Ivory Jet Services

My desire, as Chairman and CEO of Ivory Jet Services, by creating this entity, was first and foremost to allow the African continent to have a private aviation company capable of responding in all respects to expectations of a demanding clientele, namely businessmen or diplomatic missions.

Then, I wanted to extend this ambition to the health sector in order to respond to this vital need that affects us all, by allowing, with all the professionalism that this requires, the medical evacuation service aimed at transporting people in need. urgent medical care to hospitals in the sub-region with the infrastructure capable of treating them.

This is only the first step of this company that I want to see grow quickly in order to eventually be able to offer several planes that can cover almost all destinations on our planet.

Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss

Medical evacuation : a unique service

Ivory Jet Services is positioned as an operator allowing these travelers to treat themselves or their loved ones by urgently transporting them by ambulance plane to a nearby country to benefit from a better quality of care.

The fleet of planes made available to travelers is made up of state-of-the-art devices and ready to set sail at any time, medical teams are also there to support patients throughout their journeys.

Air charter a tailor-made service

Whether you are a businessman, entrepreneur, diplomat or an occasional traveler, Ivory Jet Services takes care of chartering you an aircraft tailored to your needs and requirements to satisfy the most uncompromising private flight customers.

Combining safety, comfort and expertise, our teams allow you to charter a large capacity aircraft for your business seminars, political meetings or events of all kinds.

A tailor-made service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Simplify your trips by renting a private jet

We are implementing a private charter flight program that simplifies business travel while enjoying luxury and comfort.

Our offices, located in the majority of airports in European, American or Asian metropolitan areas, cover all time zones in order to respond to your requests and questions.

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